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Roy Pales has a deep appreciation for the natural look and feel of wood. For Roy, the grain of each piece of wood tells a unique success story of slow and steady growth along with beautiful perseverance.


Roy specializes in creating functional structures and environments to match his client's aesthetic preferences. Roy listens closely to his client's needs and practices detailed communication in order to best deliver outstanding results.  He is genuinely interested in bringing his client's vision to life in the most efficient and cost effective way possible while maintaining high standards of quality and safety in his work.


Roy loves re-imagining and re-creating existing structures, breathing new life into old barns, turning an old shed into a cozy chicken coop, or transforming a spare bedroom into an attractive and highly functional office space.  He incorporates a wide array of materials to create a look and feel that keeps delighting every time it is utilized.


Some of Roy's clients include:

Harmony Farm Supply

Children's Museum of Santa Rosa

Tappin Hill Dog Boarding 

Rainbow's End Farm